Arctic Land Adventure

Holiday Cabin | Kilpisjärvi

Kilpisjärven Tunturimajat offers high quality accommodation in 6 log chalets with amazing views to Sámi people's sacred Saana fell at the Kilpisjärvi Village center.

Käsivarrentie 12411, Kilpisjärvi


Arctic Land Adventure

Special Accommodation & Reindeer Experiences | Kilpisjärvi

Traditional Sámi Reindeer Ranch offers unforgettable combination of nature, silence and luxury accommodation in 4 Glass Igloos, reindeer experience packages and lakeside sauna and hot tub.

Käsivarrentie 12411, Kilpisjärvi


Arctic Wilderness Guide

Fishing & Guiding | Kilpisjärvi

Arctic Wilderness Guide offers fishing experiences and takes you to the best catching spots. You can spend a day with us by ice fishing in the snowy wilderness of Northern Finland or flyfishing great graylings or arctic chars with the help of an inflatable boat. Come and experience the magic of Lapland, one cast at a time!

Skierrikuja 1, Kilpisjärvi


Biegga Villas

Holiday Villas | Yli-Kyrö

High-class holiday villas in Villa Gaissa and Villa Biegga offer a unique experience to spend your holiday in the heart of the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park in Enontekiö. Both holiday villas have breath-taking views over the fells. Good internet connection enables working remotely as well. You are welcome to also arrive by electric car because both villas have charging stations.

Vuontisrannantie 99340, Yli-Kyrö


Cahkal Hotel

Boutique Hotel, Restaurant & Guided Activities | Kilpisjärvi

A boutique hotel and restaurant at the magnificent landskapes of Kilpisjärvi. We offer also e-fatbike, skitouring, flyfishing and norther lights tours with a professional wilderness guide. We are perfect for experiential travelers who seek unforgettable experiences and relaxed luxury in a totally unique and pure arctic wilderness setting.

Revontulentie 4, Kilpisjärvi

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Enontekiö Airport

Airport | Hetta

The international airport in Enontekiö welcomes everybody arriving by plane.

Hetantie 775, Hetta



Accomodation & restaurant | Palojärvi

Galdotieva is a small and cozy place to spend your free time right next to the Norwegian border. Atmospheric cabin accommodation in a fell landscape and beach sauna guarantee a relaxing and comfortable stay. The gas station, shop and restaurant offer a versatile variety of something for everyone. Pets are also welcome!

Ruijantie 2605, Palojärvi


HANNAN Travels

Travel Planning

HANNAN Travels helps you find the hidden gems of the Fell Lapland: wilderness cabins, atmospheric cottages, bed&breakfasts, special accommodations and the most skilled guides.

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Hetan kota

Holiday village | Hetta

Hetan Kota is a homelike destination offering cottage and hostel accommodation with personal touch and easy access to hiking and skiing trails. We also offer all-in-one boat and car transfer services.

Ounastie 583, Hetta

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Hetta Huskies

Husky Farm & Other Activities

Unique and responsible experiences with huskies. Get to know the life of our dogs, participate on a husky safari, a snowmobile or a canoeing trip. We rent snowshoes, skis, e-fatbikes, kayaks, and other outdoor exercise equipment. Welcome to stay overnight at our cabin and get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of life on a working husky farm.

Hetantie 211, Hetta


Hetta Silver

Craft shop | Hetta

Hetta Silver is the oldest silversmith in Enontekiö and a specialised shop in handicrafts whose speciality is Lapland themed jewellery. Also, mobile phone accessories, batteries and battery changing, jewellery repairs and polishing. A private local museum allows you to experience a whiff of local history.

Ruijantie 15, Hetta


Hotel Hetan Majatalo

Accommodation & Restaurant | Hetta

Hetan Majatalo has been entertaining its guests with heart and expertise since 1924 in the centre of Hetta. Lapland’s oldest family business in travel offers cosy accommodation and a famous buffet table now already in the fourth generation. You are warmly welcome to be our guest!

Riekontie 8, Hetta

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Hotelli Jussan Tupa

Hotel & Restaurant | Hetta

We wish you a warm welcome to Hotel Jussan Tupa, the traditional lodging for the visitors to Lapland. Our hospitable hotel is located at the centre of Hetta. You can find authentic Lappish treats as well as options for international palates from our restaurant. We rent snowmobiles and other equipment and organize outdoor activities upon request.

Ounastie 140, Hetta



Wilderness Cabin | Näkkälä

Jerstitupa is located on the edge of the Pöyrisjärvi wilderness, at the foot of Jerstivaara, approximately 3 km walk north from Näkkälä village. The off-the-grid wilderness base has beds for six and your own sauna. Crystal-clear, fresh water can be fetched from the nearby fell stream.

Jerstivaara, Näkkälä


Johka Arctic Experience and Villas

Guided tours and Accommodation | Karesuvanto and Kilpisjärvi

Experience the beautiful Arctic Lapland and enjoy your stay in our cosy villas and cottages! We operate in the Karesuvanto - Kilpisjärvi area.

Karesuvanto - Kilpisjärvi


Café Peura

Café and Mountain Bike Rental | Hetta

Café Peura is a cozy restaurant-café and mountain bike rental. We’re located at the Fell Lapland Visitor Centre. On weekdays, we offer homemade lunch, as well as delicious pizzas, waffles and a variety of cakes. We rent high-quality mountain bikes, including mountain electric bikes. In addition, we repair and maintain your bicycles.

Peuratie 15, Hetta


Kilpisjärvi Visitor Centre

Visitor Centre | Kilpisjärvi

Kilpisjärvi Visitor Centre serves hikers, travellers, fishers, and rovers of the Nordkalott Trail. The permanent exhibition of Kilpisjärvi Visitor Centre, On the Edge of the Caledonides, introduces the Malla Strict Nature Reserve, Saana Nature Reserve areas and Käsivarsi Wilderness Area as well as the residents of Kilpisjärvi. Topographical maps, fishing and snowmobile track permits, reservations and keys to huts in the Käsivarsi Wilderness Area and shop.

Käsivarrentie 14145, Kilpisjärvi


Kilpisjärvi Holidays Village & Camping

Holiday Village | Kilpisjärvi

Outdoor enthusiast’s base in Kilpisjärvi. Hotel rooms, cabins and a camping site right at the foot of Saana. You can find treats for all kinds of tastes from our café-restaurant. You can also find unique Kilpisjärvi-souvenirs, maps, and rental equipment from us.

Käsivarrentie 14663, Kilpisjärvi



Programme Services & Rentals | Kilpisjärvi

Kilpissafarit offers guided trips in the Käsivarsi area with local guides and rental equipment for unforgettable independent trips. Through us you can reach the best Arctic char waters at the Luohtojärvi fishing base or spend a night in the wilderness admiring the northern lights. From the vast selection of the rental shop, you can find snowmobiles, electric bicycles and other camping gear needed in the area, among other things.

Tsahkalluotkantie 14, Kilpisjärvi

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Koru Laakso

Silver shop & Hetta-Pallas transfers | Hetta

Silversmith's shop, local handicrafts and café at the center of Hetta. We make jewelry respecting the local traditions. We offer also Hetta-Pallas car transfers and boat taxi.

Riekontie 1 Hetta



Holiday Cabin | Kilpisjärvi

Sleep comfortably in a well-equipped cabin in Kilpisjärvi, in the landscape of Salmivaara. Lapinkataja is a 6–8-person rental cabin with an open kitchen, 2 bedrooms, sauna and loft. Wilderness adventures start right at your doorstep. Pets are not allowed. Contact us: 0400 931317 /

Riekonmutka 18, Kilpisjärvi

Holiday village Paavontalo

Accommodation & Restaurant | Hetta

Holiday village Paavontalo is a homey and warm family business at the scenic Ounasjärvi lakeside in Hetta. We offer cabin accommodation, food services made-to-order, option for an all-inclusive package for the busiest skiing weeks in spring, car transport services for hikers and boat transports. We gladly create program suggestions for groups using our wealth of local knowledge.

Ounastie 350, Hetta

Guesthouse Haltinmaa

Accommodation & Restaurant | Kilpisjärvi

Guesthouse Haltinmaa is located in the village of Kilpisjärvi near hiking and cross-country skiing trails. It is easy to visit us and pleasant to stay. The famous buffet table of Lapintyttö restaurant invites you to feast. Halti Pub of Guesthouse Haltinmaa is the number one evening spot of Kilpisjärvi!

Naalikuja 1, Kilpisjärvi

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Näkkälä Adventures

Accomodation | Näkkälä

Memorable accomodation for the base camp of your wilderness adventures. We rent cabins at Näkkälä, a village right on the edge of the wilderness area of Pöyrisjärvi. We have built our own cabins respecting the nature and Sámi heritage of the area.


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Näkkälä Adventures

Guiding & Programme Services | Hetta

Guided trips – disorientations – experiences. We organise everything that your trip to the wilderness requires to be successful all year round. We offer wilderness transports, safaris, guided trips, a wide variety of rental equipment and memorable accommodations to be the base for your trips.

Ounastie 44, Hetta

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Näkkälän kala ja poro

Programme Services | Näkkälä

Sometimes it`s good to break away from everyday life and experience something completely new! How sounds a reindeer ride in a small Sami village? Or how sounds ice net fishing with a local fisherman with reindeer sleight ride? From us you can get a program services tailoret just for you in Näkkälä, which is surrounded by the Lapland Wilderness. Näkkälän Kala ja Poro Oy is a family company that offers many program services. You can build an unique experience just for you. Come visit us and our reindeers!


Holiday Cabin | Hetta

Traditional and atmospheric holiday cabin near the centre of Hetta. The 55 square metre cabin has beds for 2-4 people. Modern kitchen equipment, washing machine and a TV. Your own sauna and the possibility to go swimming. A barbecue hut and a rowboat is also available for guests. Contact: tel. 0400 171 371 /

Majavantie 111, Hetta


Holiday Villas | Yli-Kyrö

Quality accommodations and unforgettable experiences in the amazing landscapes of Pallastunturi. Located in Yli-Kyrö, at the foot of Pallas-Yllästunturi, Pallas-Villas offers a high-quality setting for unique nature experiences and unforgettable adventures as well as different activities for all seasons.

Uulantontie 99-100, Yli-Kyrö



Guide services and ski cáfe | Hetta

We want to offer experiences that consist of small simple things, and which highlight locality and the closeness of nature, not forgetting a good, packed lunch. Activities around the year, local food, ski cáfe at Pyhäkero and much more.

Ounastie 270, Hetta

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Accommodation & Programme services | Kilpisjärvi

Welcome to family-owned Saivaara Cottages for your Arctic Lapland holiday in Kilpisjärvi. We offer cozy, well-equipped accommodations with scenic views and guided experiences in Käsivarsi wilderness.

Harjutie 21, Kilpisjärvi


Santa’s Hotel Rakka

Design hotel, apartments and restaurant services

Santa’s Hotel Rakka is located in the most beautiful landscapes in the village of Kilpisjärvi. Windows that reach from floor to ceiling offer a breath-taking view of the magical fell and lakeside landscapes.

Urpiaisentie 4, Kilpisjärvi

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Fish Smokery Tunturikala

Shop, restaurant & cafe | Kuttanen

Tunturikala offers you a resting place on your road trip, delicious food and local fish products. The store also has wonderful souvenirs. Our store is located along the road VT21 in Kuttanen, at the banks of the beautiful Muonio River.

Käsivarrentie 1234, Kuttanen

The Lapland Connection / Destination Kilpisjärvi

Activities | Kilpisjärvi

Visit Kilpisjärvi with Martti & Sinikka, locals who furnish you with privately guided experiences during the eight seasons of the Arctic year. We live our dream here – let us share it with you.

Pulmusentie 4 B 3 Kilpisjärvi

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Accomodation and Restaurant | Kilpisjärvi

Tundrea is a full service Holiday Resort at Kilpisjärvi, near the lake and the mighty Saana fell. In our unique resort you'll feel he greatness of nature, without sacrificing any of your comfort.

Käsivarrentie 14188, Kilpisjärvi


Fell Lapland Visitor Centre

Visitor Centre | Hetta

At the Fell Lapland Visitor Centre, our customer service will help you find your way around the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park and its finest hiking routes. The Visitor Centre’s free Vuovjjuš-Kulkijat exhibition introduces you to Sámi culture and fell nature. You can also visit the changing art exhibition. We organise Nature Talks and numerous other events around the year. We offer maps and local products in our shop, and you can enjoy the café’s treats while reading the daily newspapers. The Visitor Centre is accessible and suitable for families with children.

Peuratie 15, Hetta


Tunturihotelli Vuontispirtti

Accommodation & Restaurant | Yli-Kyrö

The legendary fell hotel offers a base for early spring skiers as well as fall colour hikers at the edge of the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park. Accommodation available also in condos, camping cabins and at the caravan site.

Vuontispirtintie 267, Yli-Kyrö


Villa Kilpisjärvi

Holiday Apartments | Kilpisjärvi

Villa Kilpisjärvi offers three high-quality holiday condos at a height of 503 metres in the best spot of Kilpisjärvi village, at the foot of Saana fell. The nice courtyard has big terraces, a summer kitchen, woodshed-ski maintenance room and a Lappish hut. Hiking and cross-country skiing trails start nearly from the yard.

Pulmusentie 5 Kilpisjärvi


Villa Mäntyniemi

Holiday apartment | Hetta

Villa Mäntyniemi is a high-quality holiday apartment that is located in Enontekiö’s Hetta at the lakeside of the clean and rich-in-fish Ounasjärvi in its own small cape. Only three kilometres away from the services of the village centre.

Majavatie 122, Hetta


Vilu Arctic Experience

Guided Nature Tours & Glamping

We organize various excursions for you to experience the beauty of nature in Lapland surrounded by fells and wilderness, silence and natural lights. For experience seekers we have to offer glamping accommodation where to spend a night in the luxury tent surrounded by arctic nature.

Tuolpajärventie 10, Vuontisjärvi

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Kilpisjärvi Reindeer

Reindeer Farm Visits & Activities | Kilpisjärvi

We are a family business at the foot of Saana fell in Kilpisjärvi. We offer reindeer rides and other authentic program services related to the history of reindeer herding, Sámi culture and our own family history at the same time. We belong to an old reindeer-herding Sámi family that has been engaged in this trade in the Käsivarsi-area for several generations.

Harjuntie 15, Kilpisjärvi