Winter Biking

The wide tires on your fatbike roll effortlessly on the ice towards a lakeside campfire. Many of the winter trails in Enontekiö are also open to cyclists.

The ski tracks and other tracks around Hetta, Kilpisjärvi and Yli-Kyrö are open to fatbikes.

Do remember to be considerate – skiers always have the right of way. Also try to avoid damage to the tracks.

Please note, that the condition of the routes may vary due to weather. In spring, durin the "hankikanto" solid snow, you can bike virtually anywhere. After snowfalls and in early and mid winter, when the snow has not yet hardened, cycling may be challenging if not impossible. Ask advise at local bike rental shops and Visitor Centres.

Bikes are not allowed on official snowmobile routes.

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Top routes

Aurinkokeino in Hetta, 17km

Aurinkokeino in Hetta, 17km

This route on the ice of Lake Ounasjärvi serves all outdoorspeople, whether you’re on skis, kicksled, foot or bike. You can stop at the campfire spots in Perunkavuoma or Karjalansaari or at the skiers’ café at the Hetta lean-to. You can access the trail at several locations in Hetta, for instance at the harbour or the Fell Lapland Visitor Centre.

Lake Pyhäjärvi winter trail in Hetta, 17km

The winter trail crosses Lake Ounasjärvi to reach the Pyhäkero wilderness hut. A great place to take a break or even stay for the night. In the spring, the hut houses a skiers’ café. The vertical relief makes this an intermediate trail. You can access the trail at several locations in Hetta, for instance at the harbour or the Fell Lapland Visitor Centre.

Lake Pyhäjärvi winter trail in Hetta, 17km

Käsivarsi wilderness trail in Kilpisjärvi, 16 – 110 km.

Käsivarsi wilderness trail in Kilpisjärvi, 16 – 110 km.

This demanding wilderness route goes along the Nordkalott trail all the way to Halti. The track is groomed with snowmobiles and its condition will vary according to the weather. The route is marked with branches in the snow. Several wilderness huts afford breaks or even overnight stays. This route is only suitable for experienced cyclists who are comfortable in the wilderness. The views are worth the effort! The route starts at the Kilpisjärvi Visitor Centre.

Winter bike tour with a local guide

The wilderness guides of Enontekiö know the best local routes and can help you get prepared for a winter outing.

Vilu Arctic Experience

Guided Nature Tours & Glamping

We organize various excursions for you to experience the beauty of nature in Lapland surrounded by fells and wilderness, silence and natural lights. For experience seekers we have to offer glamping accommodation where to spend a night in the luxury tent surrounded by arctic nature.

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Programme Services & Rentals | Kilpisjärvi

Kilpissafarit offers guided trips in the Käsivarsi area with local guides and rental equipment for unforgettable independent trips. Through us you can reach the best Arctic char waters at the Luohtojärvi fishing base or spend a night in the wilderness admiring the northern lights. From the vast selection of the rental shop, you can find snowmobiles, electric bicycles and other camping gear needed in the area, among other things.

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Hetta Huskies

Husky Farm & Other Activities

Unique and responsible experiences with huskies. Get to know the life of our dogs, participate on a husky safari, a snowmobile or a canoeing trip. We rent snowshoes, skis, e-fatbikes, kayaks, and other outdoor exercise equipment. Welcome to stay overnight at our cabin and get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of life on a working husky farm.

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Cahkal Hotel

Boutique Hotel, Restaurant & Guided Activities | Kilpisjärvi

A boutique hotel and restaurant at the magnificent landskapes of Kilpisjärvi. We offer also e-fatbike, skitouring, flyfishing and norther lights tours with a professional wilderness guide. We are perfect for experiential travelers who seek unforgettable experiences and relaxed luxury in a totally unique and pure arctic wilderness setting.

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