Mountain Biking Trails

Most of the hiking and wilderness trails in Enontekiö are suitable for mountain biking. Have you tried bikepacking yet?

The designated mountain biking trails in Enontekiö can be found in Hetta and Yli-Kyrö

Both have routes for beginners as well as experienced riders. Biking the entire Hetta-Pallas hiking trail is also an option! Some of the trails in Kilpisjärvi are also bike-accessible – these routes should be challenging enough even for experienced riders.

The ATV tracks found in the wilderness are perfect for mountain biking. A favourite among fatbike enthusiasts, Pöyrisjärvi s a unique mosaic of sand dunes, whereas the vast Tarvantovaara wilderness area lets you experience true solitude.

Do note that there are no trail markers on these wilderness routes, so you need to find your own way. Also, remember that bikes are not allowed on some restriction zones and nature reserves.

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Trails around Hetta

Palosenjärvi trail, 9 - 12km

Palosenjärvi trail,
9 - 12km

Trails takes you over the Jyppyrä hills and into forests and marshlands. This fairly demanding and technical route has some climbs, but easier stretches even out the ride. The route is connected with the Näkkälä trail. You can get on the trail at the Fell Lapland Visitor Centre or from the schoolyard in Hetta – this adds a few kilometres. 

Pyhäkero trails, 16 - 22km

The Pyhäkero fell rises next to Lake Ounasjärvi. The trail starts from a gate on Mustavaarantie, 5 km east on Ounastie from Hetta. The trail on Mustavaarantie is easy, but you have to climb to reach the hut on Pyhäkero. The distance from the gate to the hut is about 11 km. 

Alternatively, you can also start or end your ride crossing Lake Ounasjärvi by boat. You’re then left with a moderate 5 km ride from the lakeshore.

Pyhäkero trails, 16 - 22km

Hetta - Näkkälä trail, 26km

Hetta-Näkkälä trail,

Trail goes along an old postal service track. The trail is demanding at places and involves a bit of climbing. The Näkkälä hut is located midway. You can stay for the night, if you wish. The trail is connected with the Palosenjärvi trail in Hetta and the Pöyrisjärvi wilderness route in Näkkälä.

Hetta - Pallas, 55km

This classic hiking trail is also open to mountain bikes. The iconic route takes you over vast fells and through one-of-a-kind forests. Several huts and campsites can be found along the trail. The route is long and technical – a real challenge for the most avid riders.

Hetta - Pallas, 55km

Trails around Yli-Kyrö

Ahovaara Loop, 4km

Ahovaara Loop, 4km

Loop takes you to the Ahovaara lean-to. It has a great view of the national park’s fells. The trail is technically quite easy, but expect some climbs. You can add the Jatuninkankaankierros trail to your ride. The trail starts at the Vuontispirtti fell hotel.

15 km

Goes through easy pineland terrain close to the national park and is suitable for beginners. It is possible to add Ahovaara loop to the ride. The trail starts at the Vuontispirtti fell hotel.

Jatuninkankaankierros 15 km

Pahakuru fell trail, 22km

Pahakuru fell trail, 22km

Route takes you on a loop along the Hetta-Pallas hiking trail The route starts out on easy sand trails towards the Hietajärvi lean-to. From there, the route starts climbing towards the fells and becomes more demanding. The climb will tax your legs, but the views above treeline are worth it! 

Once on the fells, the route gets more technical. You can take a break at the Pahakuru hut or even stay for the night. From there, you can choose to head north or south on the Hetta-Pallas trail 

When you want to get back to the car park, head for Hietajärvi once more. The route starts at the Hietajärvi car park, just off Ounastie to the north of Yli-Kyrö

Other trails

Saana - Lake Tsahkaljärvi trails, 2 - 15km

Saana - Lake Tsahkaljärvi trails, 2 - 15km

Mountain bikes are allowed on the trails around Kilpisjärvi and Saana, but they are mostly suitable for intermediate riders and experts. You can access the trails from Kilpisjärvi Visitor Centre or Kilpisjärvi Holiday Village and Camping.

Näkkälä - Pöyrisjärvi,
about 16km

This unmarked but clearly visible ATV track starts from the village of Näkkälä and takes you to the Pöyrisjärvi wilderness hut. Bring a map and be prepared to use it The hut is suitable for overnight stays. 

The route is mostly easy, apart from some rocky sections and stream crossings. Due to the soft sand surface, a fatbike is your best option. You can combine this route with the Hetta-Näkkälä trail.

Näkkälä - Pöyrisjärvi, about 16km

Kaaresuvanto - Syväjärvi, about 20km

Kaaresuvanto - Syväjärvi, about 20km

This partially marked trail in the Tarvantovaara wilderness runs from Kaaresuvanto to the Syväjärvi wilderness hut. The route starts out easy on a sand road but gets rockier further on. The hut is suitable for overnight stays. The return trip is about 40 km. Start from the Kaaresuvanto village and follow the signs to the local school on Käsivarrentie. 

Kultima - Leppäjärvi, 25 km

This partially marked trail in the Tarvantovaara wilderness runs from Kultima to the Leppäjärvi village. The route is mostly easy, save for some wetlands. There are no huts or campsites along the way. The return trip is about 50 km. You can start from either Kultima or Leppäjärvi, both ways start out on sand roads.

Kultima - Leppäjärvi, 25 km