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Food & Drink

Pure Northern nature and wild-grown ingredients are the secret to our unique cuisine.

The growing seasons might be short in Lapland, but they are soaked in the Midnight Sun

In the autumn, we are rewarded with delicacies from our forests: mushrooms and Northern berries, such as cloudberry, bilberry and crowberry.

The hero of our vegetable patch is the fingerling potato, a variety unique to Lapland. When it comes to meat, reindeer is the natural choice. Reindeer get to roam free and find their own food in the fells. The fish from our clear fell lakes and streams is simply delicious. And should the hunt go well, elk or grouse might find their way onto your plate as well.

These are the ingredients we use in our time-honoured family recipes. Don’t forget to take some treats home as well!



Food always tastes great outdoors, but a good restaurant after a day of hiking might be even better

Our restaurants provide dinner service as well as breakfast, lunch and coffees.

Restaurants and cafés in Kilpisjärvi

Santa’s Hotel Rakka

Design hotel, apartments and restaurant services | Kilpisjärvi

Santa's Hotel Rakka is located in the breathtaking views of Kilpisjärvi. Wall-sized windows in our design hotel's hotel rooms and well-equipped apartments provide you with amazing views to the enchanting fell and lake views. In our scenic restaurant Rakka you can enjoy breakfast and dinner while admiring the unforgettably beautiful fell nature and the rugged Saana-fell.

Urpiaisentie 4, Kilpisjärvi

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Accomodation and Restaurant | Kilpisjärvi

Tundrea Holiday Resort offers a unique escape in the Arctic wilderness of Lapland, by the shimmering Kilpisjärvi Lake. Choose from cozy log cabins, modern apartments, or luxurious igloos. Enjoy the winter's snow with activities like snowmobiling and ice fishing, or the endless daylight of summer perfect for hiking and exploring local wildlife. Experience the magic of the Arctic Circle at Tundrea.

Kilpisjärventie 6, Kilpisjärvi

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Kilpisjärvi Holiday Village & Camping

Holiday Village | Kilpisjärvi

Welcome to Kilpisjärven Retkeilykeskus, serving hikers and skiers since 1937. Nestled by Saana, our cozy accommodations sit by popular trails, while our restaurant boasts stunning views of crystal-clear Kilpisjärvi. Explore our gift shop for gear and souvenirs, and rent quality equipment from our rental service. Your adventure starts here!

Käsivarrentie 14663, Kilpisjärvi

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Lapland Hotels Kilpis

Hotel & Restaurant | Kilpisjärvi

Lapland Hotel Kilpis is a base for adventurers, winter and summer fishers and hikers. It’s surrounded by the highest peaks in our country and close to the amazing “alp scenery”. Our hotel is located in a magnificent landscape, right next to the Kilpisjärvi-lake, near Saana. Enjoy delicious food and laid-back service, admire the views over Kilpisjärvi towards the mountains of Sweden and Norway. In addition to the dining restaurant, guests have access to the lounge and cabinet lounges and to bar.

Käsivarrentie 14206, Kilpisjärvi


Guesthouse Haltinmaa

Accommodation & Restaurant | Kilpisjärvi

Guesthouse Haltinmaa is at your service with reasonably priced quality accommodations in Kilpisjärvi in arctic Lapland.

Naalikuja 1, Kilpisjärvi

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Restaurants and cafés in Hetta


Programme services and ski cáfe | Hetta

We offer experiences that consist of small, simple things that locality, nature and delicious flavors. Excursions, courses, local food products at Kota café on Fridays and at Pyhäkero's café in the fell in summer and winter time.

Ounastie 270, Hetta

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Hotel Hetan Majatalo

Accommodation, buffet, travelling, fitness room, meeting room, equipment rental | Hetta

Hotel HETAN MAJATALO has been hosting and entertaining its guests with heart and expertise since 1924 in the main village of Enontekiö, in the centre of Hetta. Lapland’s oldest family business in travel offers cosy accommodation and a famous buffet table now already in the fourth generation. Majatalo offers accommodation both in hotel and the guesthouse and providers sauna, fitness room, Lapp hut, small library, playing area, meeting room... You are warmly welcome to enjoy and be our guest!

Riekontie 8, Hetta

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Niestapaikka Oy

Grilli-kioski | Hetta

Keskellä kylää oleva grilliruokaa ja kioskituotteita myyvä paikka.

puh. +358 41 545 9382

Ounastie 150, Hetta

Koru Laakso

Silver shop & Hetta-Pallas transfers | Hetta

Silversmith's shop, local handicrafts and café at the center of Hetta. We make jewelry respecting the local traditions. We offer also Hetta-Pallas car transfers and boat taxi.

Riekontie 1, Hetta


Erämaakota Oy

Accessories and parts sale, cafe, fishing and outdoor gear, post, Matkahuolto etc. | Hetta

IKH store and cafe, Souvenir and outdoor shop. Along with the services of the Post office, Matkahuolto and DB Schenker

Ounastie 60, Hetta

Holiday village Paavontalo

Accommodation & Restaurant | Hetta

Lomakylä Paavontalo on perinteinen yritys, joka on toiminut 60 vuotta. Sijainti Hetassa Ounasjärven ja hyvien retkeilyreittien välittömässä läheisyydessä. Mökkimajoitus 2-hgen ja 4-hgen mökeissä, joissa varusteina jääkaappi, veden-ja kahvinkeittimet. Mökkien saniteettitilat ja tilavat saunat sijaitsevat erillisessä huoltorakennuksessa. Ruokapalvelut tilauksesta, autonsiirto vaellusreiteille, kertalämmitteinen rantasauna uimarantoineen tilauksesta kesäaikaan. Kapasiteetti bussiryhmälle.

tel. +358 405 765 721

Ounastie 350, Hetta

Hotelli Jussan Tupa

Hotel & Restaurant | Hetta

Hotel Jussan Tupa is a cosy and hospitable hotel in the centre of Hetta.

Ounastie 140, Hetta


Lapland Hotels Hetta

Hotel & Restaurant | Hetta

Peaceful hotel, favored by meeting holders and those who like nature activities, is located in Hetta, next to the beautiful Ounasjärvi lake. Services: 49 different accommodation options, sauna facilities and a pool, restaurant (140 customer places), an auditorium (capacity 74 people), a meeting room, private sauna, a beach, charging point for electric cars.

Ounastie 281, Hetta

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St1 Enontekiö

Service station | Hetta

Fuels, motor oils, car accessories, outdoor accessories, liquid gases, ski wax, knitting yarns, food, cafe, pastries

tel. +358 400 658 489

Hetantie 2, Hetta

Other restaurants and cafés in Enontekiö

Me Puranen Oy

Liikenneasema | Karesuvanto

Liikenneasema ja kahvia sekä ruokaa

Käsivarrentie 3767, Karesuvanto

Fell Center Galdotieva

Holiday village, gas station | Palojärvi

Fell Center Galdotieva is a small and cozy place to spend your free time right next to the Norwegian border. Atmospheric cabin accommodation in fell landscape and lakeside sauna guarantee relaxing and comfortable stay. The gas station, shop and restaurant offer a versatile variety for everyone. Pets are also welcome!

Ruijantie 2605, Palojärvi


Tunturihotelli Vuontispirtti

Accommodation & Restaurant | Yli-Kyrö

The legendary fell hotel offers a base for early spring skiers as well as fall colour hikers at the edge of the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park. Accommodation available also in condos, camping cabins and at the caravan site.

Vuontispirtintie 267, Yli-Kyrö

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Kyrön loma

Caravan- ja leirintäalue | Kyrö

Erinomainen kohde vaativallekin matkaajalle Pallastunturijonon kupeessa hyvien reitti- ja latuverkostojen vieressä.

Porosaivontie 25, Raattama

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Resources for planning your trip



A hot cup of coffee after a good night’s sleep, taking in the scenery outside your window – is there anything better? 

Cabins & Apartments

Have you ever stayed in a cabin by the fells? Put on your woollies and enjoy the solitude after a day in the wilderness.

Cabins & Apartments

Special Accommodation

Special Accommodation

Fall asleep under the northern lights and starry skies!