Equipment Rentals

Adventure awaits, but you lack the equipment? Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Various companies in Enontekiö rent mountain bikes, ski equipment, snowshoes, canoes, SUP boards and camping gear, among other things

Or would you like to ride a snowmobile in the wilderness or relax in an outdoor hot tub? Look no further than your local rental company.



You don’t need to bring everything you need, as many local companies provide camping gear and other equipment for rent

You can rent equipment for camping and activities in Kilpisjärvi from here

Kilpisjärvi Holidays Village & Camping

Holiday Village | Kilpisjärvi

Outdoor enthusiast’s base in Kilpisjärvi. Hotel rooms, cabins and a camping site right at the foot of Saana. You can find treats for all kinds of tastes from our café-restaurant. You can also find unique Kilpisjärvi-souvenirs, maps, and rental equipment from us.

Käsivarrentie 14663, Kilpisjärvi



Programme services & rentals | Kilpisjärvi

Kilpissafarit offers guided trips in the Käsivarsi area with local guides and rental equipment for unforgettable independent trips. Through us you can reach the best Arctic char waters at the Luohtojärvi fishing base or spend a night in the wilderness admiring the northern lights. From the vast selection of the rental shop, you can find snowmobiles, electric bicycles and other camping gear needed in the area, among other things.

Tsahkalluotkantie 14, Kilpisjärvi


Arctic Wilderness Guide

Fishing and guiding | Kilpisjärvi

Arctic Wilderness Guide offers fishing experiences and takes you to the best catching spots. You can spend a day with us by ice fishing in the snowy wilderness of Northern Finland or flyfishing great graylings or arctic chars with the help of an inflatable boat. Come and experience the magic of Lapland, one cast at a time!

Skierrikuja 1, Kilpisjärvi


Lapland Hide

Guide Services and Helicopter Flights | Kilpisjärvi

Lapland Hide offers all-encompassing wilderness experiences. A high-class wilderness destination offers a great setting for fishing, hunting, camping, northern light travelling or for example celebrating special days. Knowledgeable guides, professional chefs, high-class accommodations, and exotic rides guarantee a once-in-a-lifetime experience for travellers.

Ahmapolku 15, Kilpisjärvi


Lapland Hotels Kilpis

Hotel & Restaurant | Kilpisjärvi

Lapland Hotels Kilpis is the base for adventurers, fishers and hikers, surrounded by the highest fells of our country. Our traditional hotel is located in the amazing landscapes of the Kilpisjärvi lakefront, close to Saana. Our versatile services include a high-quality restaurant with a view and a wide variety of rental equipment for outdoor activities.

Käsivarrentie 14206, Kilpisjärvi

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You can rent equipment for camping and activities in Hetta from here

Näkkälä Adventures

Guiding & Programme services | Hetta

Guided trips – disorientations – experiences. We organise everything that your trip to the wilderness requires to be successful all year round. We offer wilderness transports, safaris, guided trips, a wide variety of rental equipment and memorable accommodations to be the base for your trips.

Ounastie 44, Hetta

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Hetta Huskies

Husky farm | Hetta

Unique and responsible experiences with huskies. Get to know the life of our dogs, participate on a husky safari, a snowmobile or a canoeing trip. We rent snowshoes, skis, e-fatbikes, kayaks, and other outdoor exercise equipment. Welcome to stay overnight at our cabin and get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of life on a working husky farm.

Hetantie 211, Hetta


Café Peura

Bike rentals | Hetta

We rent high-quality mountain bikes, including mountain electric bikes. In addition, we repair and maintain your bicycles. Our bike rental is located at Fell Lapland Visitor Centre and mechanic’s shop and the Hetta boat harbour.

Peuratie 15, Hetta


Lapland Hotels Hetta

Accommodation & Restaurant | Hetta

Our calm hotel, popular among nature enthusiasts and those attending meetings, is located near the centre of Hetta at the lakefront of beautiful Ounasjärvi. Our versatile services include a high-quality restaurant with a view and a wide variety of rental equipment for outdoor activities. We also offer car and boat transports to the Hetta-Pallas trail.

Ounastie 281, Hetta

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Hotelli Jussan Tupa

Snowmobile renting | Hetta

Lapland’s nature offers things to do in all seasons. The closest snowmobile routes start practically from our yard. You can rent a snowmobile from us. We organise different kinds of outdoor activities for groups on demand.

Ounastie 140, Hetta



Guiding | Hetta

We want to offer experiences that consist of small simple things, and which highlight locality and the closeness of nature, not forgetting a good, packed lunch. Us at Roimaelämys find it important to work together, be sociable, learn new things, and stay safe.

Ounastie 270, Hetta

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Resources for planning your trip

Guided Tours

Enontekiö is known for its vast wilderness where hikers need expertise, experience and special gear.

Guided Tours

Trails in Enontekiö

Trails in Enontekiö

Experience our Northern trails however you like – be it on foot, ski, canoe or mountain bike

Cultural Destinations

Enontekiö is a place where ancient trails, people, stories and local cultures meet. Our cultural destinations will introduce you to Enontekiö’s history, people, traditions and nature.

Cultural Destinations

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