Caravan & Camping

Everything is possible in Enontekiö. Stay at one of the caravan parks and wake up to lakeside views or fell landscapes.

Our modern caravan parks have services from saunas to kitchens. Some also welcome tents.

Hetan kota

Holiday village | Hetta

Hetan Kota is a homelike destination offering cottage and hostel accommodation with personal touch and easy access to hiking and skiing trails. We also offer all-in-one boat and car transfer services.

Ounastie 583, Hetta

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Kilpisjärvi Holidays Village & Camping

Holiday Village | Kilpisjärvi

Outdoor enthusiast’s base in Kilpisjärvi. Hotel rooms, cabins and a camping site right at the foot of Saana. You can find treats for all kinds of tastes from our café-restaurant. You can also find unique Kilpisjärvi-souvenirs, maps, and rental equipment from us.

Käsivarrentie 14663, Kilpisjärvi



Accommodation, Restaurant, Transportation & Programme services

Galdotieva is a border shop, restaurant, and cabin village, located near the Norwegian border by the Palojärvi lakefront. Galdotieva is the last border shop on the way to Norway and you can also refuel or recharge your car with us.

Ruijantie 2605 Leppäjärvi


Tunturihotelli Vuontispirtti

Accommodation & Restaurant

The legendary fell hotel offers a base for early spring skiers as well as fall colour hikers at the edge of the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park. Accommodation available also in condos, camping cabins and at the caravan site.

Vuontispirtintie 267, Yli-Kyrö


Guesthouse Haltinmaa

Accommodation & Restaurant | Kilpisjärvi

Guesthouse Haltinmaa is located in the village of Kilpisjärvi near hiking and cross-country skiing trails. It is easy to visit us and pleasant to stay. The famous buffet table of Lapintyttö restaurant invites you to feast. Halti Pub of Guesthouse Haltinmaa is the number one evening spot of Kilpisjärvi!

Naalikuja 1, Kilpisjärvi

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Ropin pirtti

Majoituspalvelut & kahvila | Ropinsalmi

We offer cabin accommodations at the Naimakkajärvi lakeside in Ropinsalmi. You can also spend the night in a tent or your caravan at our site. You can enjoy Pirtti’s famous doughnuts with coffee and other home-baked goods in the homey café. We sell fishing permits for the area. Welcome, we hope to see you at Pirtti!

Käsivarrentie 8896, Ropinsalmi

Resources for planning your trip

Guided Tours

Enontekiö is known for its vast wilderness where hikers need expertise, experience and special gear.

Guided Tours

Craft Shops

Craft Shops

Bring home something that takes you back to Enontekiö.

Food & Drink

Pure Northern nature and wild-grown ingredients are the secret to our unique cuisine.

Food & Drink

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