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Reindeer Farm Visits & Experiences

Reindeer are part of the landscape in Enontekiö and form a key source of livelihood in the region. They are part of everyday life throughout the seasons.

In Enontekiö, you can immerse yourself in this unique, ancient trade.

The companies that provide farm visits usually make their livelihood with reindeer herding, but they are also happy to tell you about their work, annual cycle of life and reindeer herding in the past and today.

Depending on the farm, you might get to see life on the farm, feed the reindeer and go on a sleigh ride.
If the time is right, you can also get to join the herders in the wilderness and see the demands of their work place. This gives you a chance to see these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.

Respect for the animals and nature is always a must.



Companies organising reindeer farm visits and activities

Vanhapiha Miika Henrik Oskari

Kalastus ja poronhoito | Näkkälä

Kalanpyynti, kalastusmatkailu, majoituspalvelut, poronliha, safaripalvelut.

Puh. +358 40 965 0922

Johka Arctic Experience and Villas

Guided tours, Transfers and Accommodation | Karesuvanto and Kilpisjärvi

Enjoy arctic experiences in beautiful Lapland! We provide guided experiences and seasonal activities to small groups during every season of the year. We provide private transfers all over Lapland. North Finland, North Norway and North Sweden. We have minivans for transportation (max. driver +8 guests).

Karesuvanto - Kilpisjärvi


Näkkälä Adventures

Guiding & Programme Services | Hetta

We organize everything your wilderness trip requires to be successful. Wilderness transportation, safaris, program services, hunting and fishing trips, cabins rental, canoe rental, wilderness experiences, nature tours and much more around a year. We also carry out metal detecting.

Ounastie 44, Hetta

Online booking

Vilu Arctic Experience

Activities & Glamping | Hetta

We organize various activities in the arctic wilderness all year round. All our tours start from Hetta. Our secret hideaway Arctic Nature Glamping is unique accommodation for experience seekers.

Tuolpajärventie 10, Vuontisjärvi

Online booking

Kilpisjärvi Reindeer

Programme Services & Reindeer Experiences | Kilpisjärvi

We are a Sámi family business with operations in Kilpisjärvi and Levi. Our activities are low-threshold programs for the whole family. Our specialty is providing an authentic and high-quality experience. We aim to offer our customers a memorable and immersive experience that showcases the beauty of Sámi culture and the Arctic nature.

Harjuntie 15, Kilpisjärvi


Arctic Land Adventure

Special Accommodation & Reindeer Experiences | Kilpisjärvi

Traditional Sámi Reindeer Ranch offers unforgettable combination of nature, silence and luxury accommodation in four glass igloos, reindeer experiences and arctic sauna experience by lakeside sauna and hot tub. Kilpisjärven Tunturimajat offers high quality accommodation in six log chalets with amazing views to Sámi people's sacred Saana fell at the Kilpisjärvi village center.

Käsivarrentie 12411, Kilpisjärvi

Online booking


Activities & Rental services | Kilpisjärvi

Kilpissafaris offers travellers memorable experiences and sustainable trips in the scenery of the fells of Kilpisjärvi and three countries.

Tsahkalluoktantie 14, Kilpisjärvi

Online booking

Ketolan Porotila

Reindeer Experiences & Programme Services | Karesuvanto

Come visit us and the reindeer! We are here with the reindeer only for a short season from December/January to the end of March. You can see the little piece of sámi reindeer herder's day and we can tell you about sámi traditional reindeer herding while enjoying a cup of coffee in a traditional lávvu (teepee).

Käsivarrentie 3817, Karesuvanto

Näkkälän Kala ja Poro Oy

Programme Services | Näkkälä

Näkkälän Kala ja Poro Oy is a family business that offers many program services, from which you can build a unique entity just for you. So come and get to know us and our reindeer!

tel. +358 409 650 922 or +358 403 551 822


Matkailu, oheispalvelut, rakentaminen | Hetta

Olen tarjonnut majoitusta Enontekiöllä jo vuodesta 1991 lähtien. Opastusta luontoon ja kalastusretkiä. Lumikenkäilyä ja hiihtoretkiä

Ounastie 1193, Hetta


Resources for planning your trip

Trails in Enontekiö

Trails in Enontekiö

Experience our Northern trails however you like – be it on foot, ski, canoe or mountain bike

Tourist Information

Is there snow on the Hetta-Pallas Trail? How high is the summit of Saana? Where can I rent fatbikes? Don’t worry, Tourist Information has all the answers.

Tourist Information

Sustainable Travel

Sustainable Travel

We have clean air, clear waters and room to breathe. When you're out and about in Enontekiö, do remember that while the environment may seem barren, it's actually full of life. You’re in someone’s home: the local people, animals and plants all co-exist here.