Malla Strict Nature Reserve

The Malla Trail takes you through rugged fell landscapes to enchanted forests and a serene waterfall. Malla remains almost exactly as it was in 1916 when the reserve was established.

Located right next to Kilpisjärvi, Malla Strict Nature Reserve lets you explore some unique fell nature.

The lime-rich soil makes Malla suitable for many rare Arctic plants and butterflies. Some of the plants cannot be found anywhere else in Finland.

Since Malla’s nature is so delicate and unique, summertime access is strictly restricted to the marked trail. The 11-km trail will take you through the reserve to Three Nations’ Border Point, a sight in itself. In the winter, you are free to ski in the area.

At the start of the trail, you can take a detour to the Pikku-Malla lookout where you’ll have great views of Saana and Kilpisjärvi. After about 5 kilometres, you’ll be met with the roaring Kitsiputous waterfall. The hundred-meter waterfall is also known as Malla's tears.

The Malla Trail starts off easy, but gets more demanding as you go. After Kitsiputous, you will need to cross some rocky sections and streams that may be quite ferocious when flooding. Most of the trail runs in the open fells, so be prepared for all kinds of weather.

The trail ends at the Kuohkimajärvi hut, close to Three Nations’ Border Point. You can sleep in the hut as well as pitch a tent in the yard. Camping and getting off the trail is forbidden everywhere else.

part of the part of the Nordkalott Trail, which goes to Sweden from the hut.

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