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The unique geography around Kilpisjärvi holds unique potential for freeriding in Finland. Finland’s greatest fells and powder snow are yours to enjoy, from the darkness of winter till the Midnight Sun of spring.

The mountainous terrain and conditions offer variety for the way up as well as down: everything from faceshots on open powder fields to steep, committing faces and couloirs

Enontekiö has the longest snow season in Finland. At its best, the wilderness ski season starts in October and goes on until Midsummer. During Polar Night, you can use headlamps and ski under the northern lights. In the spring, there’s nothing to stop you from skiing around the clock.

Taking on the great fells and wilderness does require experience and knowledge of the conditions and snow. All freeriding in the region is foot-powered: there are no ski lifts or marked runs. The best and safest way to start freeriding is to hire an experienced guide. Local companies provide guided trips for freeriders as well as snowmobile transport to the wilderness.

Do note

Remember to always check the current travel restrictions on nature reserves and the avalanche forecast.

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Avalanche forecasts

Avalanche forecast can be checked from the Finnish and Norwegian Meteorological Institutes.



Companies organising guided freeride tours

Resources for planning your trip



Legendary Kilpisjärvi is a small yet vibrant village at the very top of Finland, close to the Norwegian border. The beautiful lakeside is dominated by the mighty Saana fell. The other great fells of Finland and the mountains of Norway are in the distance.

Trasport in the wilderness

Getting you and your gear to or from the wilderness. In the winter, you can use a snowmobile transportation to easily find the best places to go freeriding.

Trasport in the wilderness


Wildreness areas and services

The Arctic Wilderness is a tempting challenge for experienced outdoor enthusiasts. Local guides will take you to the wilderness safely.