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Fell Lapland Visitor Centre in Hetta

The Visitor Centre is a great place to start your explorations in the region. Fell Lapland Visitor Centre provides advice for hikers and travellers and provides information about the local nature and culture through exhibitions.

The extensive main exhibition will show you the nomadic culture and life of the Sámi

You also get to know what makes the Northern nature unique. Experience how people used to live according to the seasons.

Vuovjjuš - Wanderers exhibition and Yrjö Kokko Library introduce you to the explorers, clergymen and artists that have travelled Enontekiö. The Eight Seasons exhibition gives you an idea of how the locals see the seasons. There are several temporary exhibitions along the year as well.

Several short trails start from the Centre’s yard. In the winter, you can go snowshoeing to the vantage pint on top of Jyppyrä, or try cross-country skiing nearby.

You can book a guided tour of the exhibition for up to 30 people for €50 per hour. Book your tour at least a week in advance.

In the auditorium, you can watch short films about the area's nature and culture. These free presentations are shown at the customer's request. The auditorium also serves as a cinema.

The Visitor Centre provides information as well as bookings and keys for the wilderness huts and permits for fishing, hunting and snowmobiles.

Opening hours

Fell Lapland Visitor Centre is open all year round.


Peuratie 15, 99400 Enontekiö
+358 0206 39 7950



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Sustainable Travel

We have clean air, clear waters and room to breathe. When you're out and about in Enontekiö, do remember that while the environment may seem barren, it's actually full of life. You’re in someone’s home: the local people, animals and plants all co-exist here.