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Legendary Kilpisjärvi is a small yet vibrant village at the very top of Finland, close to the Norwegian border. The beautiful lakeside is dominated by the mighty Saana fell. The other great fells of Finland and the mountains of Norway are in the distance.

There’s nothing quite like the combination of fells and lakes. It’s no surprise that travellers have been making their way to Kilpisjärvi since the 1930s

The region is especially popular among hikers and outdoor enthusiasts, as they can easily explore the Arctic fells in any season.

Several hiking trails start from the village, the most famous being the route atop Saana, a day’s hike of about 8 kilometres. Malla Strict Nature Reserve and Tsahkal-järvi are also full of treats for hikers. For longer treks, Kilpisjärvi is the place where you can start for Halti and Nordkalott trail..

Near the village center Kilpisjärvi Visitor Centre has a permanent exhibitionthat focuses on the nature and people of Kilpisjärvi. All of Enontekiö is home to reindeer herding, but Kilpisjärvi gives you a chance to get to know the reindeer better at a reindeer ranch. Malla boat cruises take you to admire the fells from a new perspective on the way to Three Nation’s Border Point, the place where borders of Finland, Sweden and Norway meet.

In winter, it’s an Arctic experience, but the views are stunning. During Polar Night, you won’t see much of the sun. This makes Kilpisjärvi one of the best places in Finland to see the northern lights. The impossibly white fields of snow are just calling you to take that long ski tour, freeriding trip or snowmobile safari.

The village of Kilpisjärvi has accommodation for every need, from cabins to exclusive igloos. During high season, a number of excellent restaurants are at your disposal. The well-stocked supermarket is open year-round.

The Arctic Ocean is only 50 kilometres from Kilpisjärvi, making it a breeze to see Norway’s rugged mountains in the famous Lyngenfjord region.

It’s easy to fall in love with Kilpisjärvi – all over again in each season!



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Enontekiö is known for its vast wilderness where hikers need expertise, experience and special gear.

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Sustainable Travel

We have clean air, clear waters and room to breathe. When you're out and about in Enontekiö, do remember that while the environment may seem barren, it's actually full of life. You’re in someone’s home: the local people, animals and plants all co-exist here.

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Is there snow on the Hetta-Pallas Trail? How high is the summit of Saana? Where can I rent fatbikes? Don’t worry, Tourist Information has all the answers.

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