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Our annual main events

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Väärtipäivät 28.8.-3.9.2023

A traditional event for the people of Enontekiö in August–September. The region’s diverse services and know-how are on display over several days. A market and various cultural experiences are also part of the event. Kids and younger folks have their own events as well!

St Mary's Day Festival

St Mary's Day has been an important event for the Sámi since the 16th century. The event brings together spectators and performers across the North. The festival includes a handicraft market, various cultural performances and a lassoing competition. The event is organised by the local Sámi organisation, Johhti Sápmelaččat.

St Mary's Day Festival

Hetta Music Days

Hetta Music Days
25.3. - 31.3.2024

A unique combination of music and Northern nature, Hetta Music Days brings wonderful culture and events to Enontekiö and the Arctic. The performances are always very intimate, no matter if the venue is a wilderness hut or church. Taking place during Easter, the festival is the northernmost event for classical and church music in the EU. Concerts also enliven the region throughout the year.

Lapponia Ski Week

Organised since 1978, the half and full-length races at Lapponia Ski Week are a real challenge for cross-country skiers of all levels in stunning Fell Lapland. The main events are the races from Hetta and Yli-Kyrö to Olos via Pallas.

Lapponia Ski Week

Enontekiö Ice Fishing Week

Enontekiön pilkkiviikko 27.4. - 2.5.2024

Ice fishing is a popular pastime in Enontekiö. The Ice Fishing Week, held in late April, came about when several villages combined their ice fishing competitions. The event is held by various organisations, from village associations to hunting clubs. 

Vain 2 Kalaa Ice Fishing Competition

Having an ice fishing competition in May is no problem on Lake Kilpisjärvi, as the ice holds until June. Ice fishing is very popular in Enontekiö, but this famously fun event draws crowds from far and wide.

Vain 2 Kalaa Ice Fishing Competition

Kilpisjärvi Midsummer Ski Race

Kilpisjärvi Midsummer Ski Race

The traditional start of summer in Kilpisjärvi is marked by the annual ski race!
The event includes fell orienteering, mountain running and the actual ski race, which is held 78. time this year. A bonfire is naturally part of the program.

NUTS Ylläs-Pallas ja
NUTS 300

Yksi Suomen suosituimmista pitkän matkan kestävyysurheilutapahtumista kerää hurjapäisimmät ultrajuoksijat Enontekiölle. NUTS300 -ultrajuoksu kulkee läpi Pöyrisjärven erämaan ja Pallas-Yllästunturin kansallispuiston. NUTS Ylläs-Pallas -juoksutapahtuman 160 ja 66 kilometrin sarjojen lähtö on Hetassa.

NUTS ultrajuoksu