Downhill Skiing

The ice age rounded out the mountains of Lapland and created fells. Here, you can take your whole family skiing!

Hetta Hiihtomaa is located close to the village of Hetta. The ski slopes are 650 and 800 metres long and both have lighting. A T-bar lift will take you to the top of Jyppyrä.

Hiihtomaa is a part of everyday life in Hetta. It’s especially important for the kids and young of the village. The kids have their own 100-metre toddle run with a cable tow and sled hill.

There are several snowshoe trails and cross country ski tracks in the area and a campfire spot at the top of Jyppyrä.

There is a rental shopthat provides ski gear among other things. tunturihiihtoon.

The Hetta Ski Resort is located near the Fell Lapland Visitor Centre, at Peuratie 23 Hetta..

Opening hours fo Hetta Hiihtomaa

Check here: Hetta Hiihtomaa



Resources for planning your trip

Snowshoeing Trails

Snowshoeing Trails

When the snow surface freezes in the spring, you can go almost anywhere – as long as you know how to read a map. Be prepared and bring a compass, snacks and warm clothes as well.

Tourist Information

Is there snow on the Hetta-Pallas Trail? How high is the summit of Saana? Where can I rent fatbikes? Don’t worry, Tourist Information has all the answers.

Tourist Information

Sustainable Travel

Sustainable Travel

We have clean air, clear waters and room to breathe. When you're out and about in Enontekiö, do remember that while the environment may seem barren, it's actually full of life. You’re in someone’s home: the local people, animals and plants all co-exist here.