Discover Sámi culture

Enontekiö is part of the Sámi homeland.

A good way to learn more about their culture and way of life is booking activities with Sámi companies.

Enontekiö is part of the Sámi homeland.The Sámi are the only indigenous people in the European Union and have been living here long before the current nation states existed.



Your guides to Sámi culture

Yläperän safarit

Reindeer Farm Visits & Activities | Kilpisjärvi

We are a family business at the foot of Saana fell in Kilpisjärvi. We offer reindeer rides and other authentic program services related to the history of reindeer herding, Sámi culture and our own family history at the same time. We belong to an old reindeer-herding Sámi family that has been engaged in this trade in the Käsivarsi-area for several generations.

Harjuntie 15, Kilpisjärvi


Näkkälän kala ja poro

Programme Services | Näkkälä

Sometimes it`s good to break away from everyday life and experience something completely new! How sounds a reindeer ride in a small Sami village? Or how sounds ice net fishing with a local fisherman with reindeer sleight ride? From us you can get a program services tailoret just for you in Näkkälä, which is surrounded by the Lapland Wilderness. Näkkälän Kala ja Poro Oy is a family company that offers many program services. You can build an unique experience just for you. Come visit us and our reindeers!

Näkkälä Adventures

Guiding & Programme Services | Hetta

Guided trips – disorientations – experiences. We organise everything that your trip to the wilderness requires to be successful all year round. We offer wilderness transports, safaris, guided trips, a wide variety of rental equipment and memorable accommodations to be the base for your trips.

Ounastie 44, Hetta

Online booking

Fell Lapland Visitor Centre

Visitor Centre | Hetta

At the Fell Lapland Visitor Centre, our customer service will help you find your way around the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park and its finest hiking routes. The Visitor Centre’s free Vuovjjuš-Kulkijat exhibition introduces you to Sámi culture and fell nature. You can also visit the changing art exhibition. We organise Nature Talks and numerous other events around the year. We offer maps and local products in our shop, and you can enjoy the café’s treats while reading the daily newspapers. The Visitor Centre is accessible and suitable for families with children.

Peuratie 15, Hetta


Vilu Arctic Experience

Guided Nature Tours & Glamping

We organize various excursions for you to experience the beauty of nature in Lapland surrounded by fells and wilderness, silence and natural lights. For experience seekers we have to offer glamping accommodation where to spend a night in the luxury tent surrounded by arctic nature.

Tuolpajärventie 10, Vuontisjärvi

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Koru Laakso

Silver shop & Hetta-Pallas transfers | Hetta

Silversmith's shop, local handicrafts and café at the center of Hetta. We make jewelry respecting the local traditions. We offer also Hetta-Pallas car transfers and boat taxi.

Riekontie 1 Hetta


Arctic Land Adventure

Special Accommodation & Reindeer Experiences | Kilpisjärvi

Traditional Sámi Reindeer Ranch offers unforgettable combination of nature, silence and luxury accommodation in 4 Glass Igloos, reindeer experience packages and lakeside sauna and hot tub.

Käsivarrentie 12411, Kilpisjärvi


Resources for planning your trip

Cultural Destinations

Enontekiö is a place where ancient trails, people, stories and local cultures meet. Our cultural destinations will introduce you to Enontekiö’s history, people, traditions and nature.

Cultural Destinations

Sustainable Travel

Sustainable Travel

We have clean air, clear waters and room to breathe. When you're out and about in Enontekiö, do remember that while the environment may seem barren, it's actually full of life. You’re in someone’s home: the local people, animals and plants all co-exist here.

Tourist Information

Is there snow on the Hetta-Pallas Trail? How high is the summit of Saana? Where can I rent fatbikes? Don’t worry, Tourist Information has all the answers.

Tourist Information