the Elements

A land shaped by time, waters and paths that wind through the wilderness. A horizon larger than life, calling to adventure. A resilient homeland that thrives in the Arctic. Here, you’re free to embrace the elements and true Lapland.

Enjoy Enontekiö

Did you know that Enontekiö is home to permafrost marshlands, sand dunes, waterfalls, Arctic flora and the highest fells in Finland? You can experience Enontekiö's multicultural way of life in Kilpisjärvi, Hetta and all the other villages in the region.

Saanatunturi pilvien yläpuolella


Kilpisjärvi is nestled between lakes and the great fells of Finland, including Saana, the mightiest of them all.

Hetan kirkka kaamoksessa Enontekio


The village of Hetta on the shores of Lake Ounasjärvi is a fantastic basecamp for all manner of activities and experiences in nature.


Take a tour of the villages and see these charming hamlets and landscapes.

Winter in Enontekiö

Winter in Enontekiö

Feel the magic of the Polar Night and northern lights.

Winter trails

Whether you’re on skis, snowshoes or fatbike, Enontekiö has winter trails for days. Weeks, even.

Winter trails

See & Feel

See & Feel

Enontekiö is full of wonders that are unique to Finland. Enjoy the trails that run among stunning fell nature and take in the Arctic with every breath.

Polar Night Camera

Is the Polar Night dark and dull? Find out for yourself on the Polar Night Camera! See the bluest of dusks, blazing sunrises and northern lights dancing on our sky.

Polar Night Camera

Stay At Least A Week

Enontekiö is a place where ancient trails, people, stories and local cultures meet. Our cultural destinations will introduce you to Enontekiö’s history, people, traditions and nature.

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